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Sometimes A Lady Just Needs A Warm Bath

Chickens, especially laying hens, are one of the most amazing creatures on earth. They are hardy enough to scratch the soil in their pasture in either sub-freezing temperatures or blazing hot summer days. Like the proverbial mailwoman, "neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of ...Read more

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Keeping Animals Safe In Cold Weather

It was so cold here! How cold was it? Cold enough to freeze a rooster's comb. We spent the better part of a day preparing for two very cold nights. Everyone survived the single digit temperatures, but not without one minor injury. Our lead rooster, "Hammer," now has a speck of frostbite on his comb. ...Read more

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How We Roll
Farm Star

Our honeybees forage on a variety of crops planted on the farm, as well as native species of trees, plants and weeds.

We have many visitors to the farm each year. No visit is complete without some goat petting. When it's blueberry-picking season, the goats love culled berries.

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