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When your dog hurts, you hurt, too

Dogs are like family, only better. When your lame jokes bore the family, a dog hangs on your every word. Talk sweet and they'll drop their favorite bone to lick and nuzzle you. Invite them to go for a walk or ride and you would think they had won the Canine Power Ball. And when ...Read more

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Baby Turkeys Go Zorbing on The Farm

By most local accounts, the little storm we had this week at the farm was a microburst. At least that's what our neighbors said it was, and what the heck, they know more about the weather than all the weather forecasters and NASA rolled into one. So this microburst hit while we were a few ...Read more

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Ode To A Cat: We Never Promised You A Pose Garden

As a barn cat, "Bandit" is about as miscast as Paula Deen running a sushi bar. When he came to the farm as a feral cat, we imagined that he had been living in the wild and catching field mice the way "Shoeless" Joe Jackson caught shots to left field.  We were certain we heard ...Read more

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How We Roll
Farm Star

Our honeybees forage on a variety of crops planted on the farm, as well as native species of trees, plants and weeds.

We have many visitors to the farm each year. No visit is complete without some goat petting. When it's blueberry-picking season, the goats love culled berries.

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