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Contemplating the gizzard

The gizzard. Now there's an essential turkey body part. Each bird has one. In a turkey, it's a muscle about the size of a baseball. Everything they eat, including small stones, goes into the gizzard, which is a bird's version of the Ninja Blender. The grit and stone remain in the gizzard and help grind ...Read more

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Does anyone speak dog? Not me, apparently

Something definitely is wrong with me. For as long as I can remember, I have known that people who have actual conversations with their dogs are really only talking to themselves, because dogs can't comprehend more than a word or two, and preferably not strung together. Besides, I've always raised an eyebrow (in my mind) ...Read more

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How We Roll
Farm Star

Our honeybees forage on a variety of crops planted on the farm, as well as native species of trees, plants and weeds.

We have many visitors to the farm each year. No visit is complete without some goat petting. When it's blueberry-picking season, the goats love culled berries.

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