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When your dog hurts, you hurt, too

Dogs are like family, only better. When your lame jokes bore the family, a dog hangs on your every word. Talk sweet and they'll drop their favorite bone to lick and nuzzle you. Invite them to go for a walk or ride and you would think they had won the Canine Power Ball. And when ...Read more

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Rescue Me! From This Rescue Dog

[caption id="attachment_241" align="alignright" width="150"] "Hattie Mae"[/caption] If you're in a position to rescue a dog, cat, horse or other animal, it's good to do it. Otherwise, they could meet an unpleasant end. But the hound dog we rescued has tested our mettle.  Well, to be precise, my mettle. "Hattie Mae" is a Treeing Walker Coon ...Read more

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Family and friends touch us all

What seemed like a small village of family and friends arrived at the farm for Thanksgiving, and a few more came for Christmas. It reminded us of how priceless our loved ones are and how much we enjoy having them visit. Although it was hard to say goodbye to them, there’s also a pang of ...Read more

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How We Roll
Farm Star

Our honeybees forage on a variety of crops planted on the farm, as well as native species of trees, plants and weeds.

We have many visitors to the farm each year. No visit is complete without some goat petting. When it's blueberry-picking season, the goats love culled berries.

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