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Beer For Our Turkeys? No, Whey!

Hey, where did those little rocks come from? As Thanksgiving nears each year, you see stories and pictures about turkeys. Our favorite this year is the one about the New Hampshire farmer who adds beer to his birds' food. An AP story said Joe Morette of Henniker, N.H., is fattening up 50 Thanksgiving turkeys. He ...Read more

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Sustainable Agriculture Will Wear You Out Good


Organic farming isn’t difficult as long as you’re willing to work from sunrise to sunset, are capable of laughing at yourself when you make mistakes and don’t mind getting a little manure on your faded Levi’s. And on your boots, shirt, hands and face. This is not your father’s farming. Sustainable agriculture is all-natural. The ...Read more

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Why Did We Decide to Become Farmers?

Why would a couple old enough to be AARP members buy a farm with land that cries out for rejuvenation, and take on a slew of responsibilities and challenges that on some days seem unbeatable? Good question. The answer is complicated. The short version is it’s about protecting and restoring farm land, producing really good ...Read more

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How We Roll
Farm Star

Our honeybees forage on a variety of crops planted on the farm, as well as native species of trees, plants and weeds.

We have many visitors to the farm each year. No visit is complete without some goat petting. When it's blueberry-picking season, the goats love culled berries.

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